Why are not all of my website's pages listed?

When you check your Search Engine Visibility account, do you not see all of your website's pages listed? If so, try recrawling your site so Search Engine Visibility can attempt to find the missing pages. If that doesn't work, there are two likely causes:

Using JavaScript Processing to Create Links

Like most search engines, Search Engine Visibility does not handle JavaScript processing. So, if your website uses JavaScript to create links to your website's pages, Search Engine Visibility cannot find your website's pages and cannot give you information about them.

How can I tell if I am affected?

If you view your website's source code, you can look for JavaScript that creates your links — generally, this will be your navigation bar. Here's an example of the code your website might use to create a navigation through JavaScript processing:

This kind of code will not work with Search Engine Visibility and can impede your search engine optimization.

How can I fix this?

You can modify your website's coding by removing the JavaScript and using normal HTML anchor links to reach your website's pages. For example:

Including No Links to a Page

Search Engine Visibility can only find pages on your website that have links pointed to them. A page that is not linked to by any other page on your website is like a room without doors — there is no way to get into the room without adding a door to it. Similarly, Search Engine Visibility cannot find "missing" pages until you link to that page from another page on your website.

How can I fix this?

You can add links to your "missing" pages using normal HTML anchor links. For example:

You must add these links to another page that Search Engine Visibility has found. Adding links to another page Search Engine Visibility cannot see will not fix the issue.

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