Watch GoCentral Website Builder and Online Store videos

These videos will help you build and manage your GoCentral website or online store.

This mobile-friendly website builder is so easy to use you don't even need a laptop or desktop computer. You can create and manage your website right on your phone. For more information, visit GoCentral Help.

How SSL certificates work to secure your GoCentral website

Website security is important. GoCentral business websites come with a built-in SSL certificate to protect you and your customers. For more information, see Publish my website.

Change the theme on your GoCentral Website

GoCentral themes give you a fast, easy way to apply a font-color combination to your website. This video shows how to change your site's theme. For more information about using the Themes feature or changing your site's color or font, see Set up my site.

Add a photo in your GoCentral website

Photos on your website grab visitors' attention and encourage them to explore your content. Learn how to add photos in your GoCentral site. For more information, see Add or replace photo.

Add sections to your GoCentral website

GoCentral sites can handle all the information you want to share. See how easy it is to add sections to any page. For more information, see Add a section.

Meet GoCentral Online Store

A GoCentral online store has the same features and functionality as a GoCentral website plus all the features and tools you need to sell online, including payments methods, shipping options, sales tax, inventory tracking, and email marketing. For more information, visit GoCentral Help.


Set up your GoCentral online store

Ready to get your GoCentral online store set up and open for business? Learn how to get started using your store's built-in tools. For more information, see Get my store published.

Add products to your GoCentral online store

It's easy to add products or services to your online store. This video takes you step-by-step through the process. For more information, see Add products.

Set up shipping in your GoCentral online store

When you first get your GoCentral online store, free shipping is set up by default. This video shows you how you can change and customize shipping methods on your site. For more information, see Change shipping method.

More info

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