Publishing Your FrontPage 2003 Website Using FTP

If you built your website using Microsoft FrontPage® 2003, we recommend publishing your website using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) instead of FrontPage Server Extensions. Microsoft discontinued FrontPage Extension support in 2004 and no longer provides security updates or patches.

Note: Your website will still work without FrontPage Server Extensions, and you can continue to use and manage your site using FrontPage. However, some features of your website will not work, such as contact forms.

To Publish Your FrontPage 2003 Website Using FTP

  1. Launch FrontPage.
  2. From the File menu, select Publish Site.
  3. Complete the following fields, and then click OK:
    • Select FTP.
    • Remote Web site location — Enter your domain name or hosting account's IP address after ftp://.
    • FTP directory — Type / to publish to your hosting account's primary domain name, or the path on your hosting account to the domain name you want to use.
    • Select Use Passive FTP

  4. In the Publish all changed pages section, select Local to remote, and then click Publish Web site.

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