Managing Apps

InstantPage® offers a variety of apps to enhance your website's functionality. You can add and display up to four new apps in the Menu Items block. You can also remove apps you no longer want or edit them to change the way they display.

If you don't add apps to the Menu Items block, it remains blank. However, you can adjust the block color to make it transparent. For instructions on changing the color, see Managing Colors.

You can add these apps to give your InstantPage website these functions:

To Manage Apps

  1. Log in to your InstantPage account by going to your InstantPage site, clicking Owner Login, and then entering the login information for your InstantPage account.
  2. To add apps, from the Apps tab, go to Select Apps, and then select an app. The app displays in the My Apps section of the dashboard and in your menu block.
  3. To delete apps, from the Apps tab, go to My Apps, and then click the Delete icon for the app you want to delete. The app no longer displays from My Apps or your menu block.
  4. To edit apps, from the Apps tab, go to My Apps, and then click the wrench icon next to the app you want to edit. In the Configure window, edit your app.
  5. Click Save.

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