Installing Get Found Menu/Price List Facebook App

Get Found is a product designed to help small businesses take control of their online presence and get found by more customers, and our Facebook price list/menu app lets you display your offerings on your Facebook Business Page. The Get Found price list or menu will appear as an app next to your business information in the upper right side of the profile.

After purchasing your Essential or Ultimate Get Found account, follow these steps to install the Get Found Price List/Menu App:

To Install the Get Found Price List/Menu Facebook App

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Click Get Found, and then click Manage.
  3. In the Get Found product, visit the Sites tab.

  4. On the Sites tab in the list of publishing partners, find the Facebook icon and click the Setup button.
  5. Click the Connect with Facebook button and log in to your Facebook account.

    Note: The account that you use to sign in should have admin access to your business's Facebook Page before proceeding. Don’t worry, Facebook will ask you to log in to your personal account, but the price list and menu app will only be installed on the Facebook Business Page that you select.

  6. If you are an administrator on multiple Facebook pages be sure to select the correct business from the drop down list.

Note: If you have multiple locations that share one Facebook page, you will only be able to install one Get Found app per Facebook page.

For information on customizing your Get Found app, see Changing the Image and Name for Your Get Found Facebook App.

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