Converting Code Signing Certificates to Different Formats

There are different scenarios for converting code signing certificates, these are the most common. If your scenario is not listed here, refer to your manufacturer's instructions.

You have the certificate in an SPC file and matching private key in a PVK file

You have the certificate in an SPC file and matching private key in the Windows Certificate store

  1. Import the SPC file into the Windows certificate store on the same machine (using the same login account) where the certificate request was submitted.
    • Right-click the SPC file in the Windows Explorer and select Install Certificate. Proceed through the wizard as directed.
    • OR

    • Import via Certificates section of Internet Explorer. Open the Tools menu and select Internet Options. Go to the Tools tab.Select Personal and click Import. Browse for the code signing SPC file, you will need to change the file type filter. When you're finished, click OK.
  2. Export the code signing certificate and private key as a PFX/P12 file, including the private key and all intermediate certificates in the chain. For more information see Export an Installed Code Signing Certificate from Windows.

You have the code signing certificate in the SPC= file and the matching private key in a Java keystore

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