Add an email alias

If you want additional email addresses for a single inbox but don't want to pay for more licenses, you can create multiple alternate email addresses using "aliases". Want to know more about email aliases?

Note: You must have admin permissions to manage email aliases.

Show me how

  1. Log in to your Office 365 Microsoft portal. (Need help logging in?).
  2. Click Admin.
    Click Admin
  3. On the left, under Users, click Active users. If the navigation menu is collapsed, look for Users icon.
    Menu expanded, under Users, click Active users
    Menu collapsed, under Users, click Active users
  4. Click the address you want to edit.
    Click email address
  5. Next to Username / Email, click Edit.
    Next to Username / Email, click Edit
  6. Find the Aliases section of the page.
    Find Aliases section
  7. In the field under Alias, enter the first part of the email address you want. After the @ symbol, select the domain.
    Enter email address and select domain

    Note: The generic domain is selected by default. Click there to select your personal domain.

  8. Click Add. You will see your new alias address appear below.
    Click Add
    New alias address appears below
  9. Below the new alias address, click Save.
    Click Save.
  10. You will see a summary of your changes. Click Close.

Note: If you plan to use the email encryption service, you must add the alias to your email encryption account.

More info

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