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Access my email from a custom URL by changing the CNAME

If your email account and your domain name are in different accounts, you'll need to manually configure them so you can access your email. To configure email.[your domain name], you'll need to modify your domain name's DNS settings, namely its CNAMEs.

If your domain name is...

  • Registered with us and using our nameservers: You can edit your CNAME (Change a CNAME record).
  • Registered elsewhere but using DNS-Hosting and our nameservers: you can Access DNS hosting and edit it.
  • Registered anywhere but not using our nameservers: Contact your provider that has control of your zone file to edit your CNAME.

Your CNAME records differ based on your email server's location (more info).

Region CNAME (Alias/Host) Points to
US email email.secureserver.net
EU email email.europe.secureserver.net
AP email email.asia.secureserver.net

Additional CNAMEs

We also offer additional, optional CNAME record configurations for third party email clients or alternative URLs to access your Workspace Webmail. These CNAMEs do not affect your ability to send or receive email.

Again, which ones you use are based on your email plan's region.

US Region

CNAME (Alias/Host) Points to
mobilemail mobilemail-v01.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net
pda mobilemail-v01.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net
mail pop.secureserver.net
pop pop.secureserver.net
imap imap.secureserver.net
smtp smtpout.secureserver.net
webmail webmail.secureserver.net
e email.secureserver.net

EU Region

CNAME (Alias/Host) Points to
mobilemail mobilemail.europe.secureserver.net
pda mobilemail.europe.secureserver.net
mail pop.europe.secureserver.net
pop pop.europe.secureserver.net
imap imap.europe.secureserver.net
smtp smtpout.europe.secureserver.net
webmail webmail.europe.secureserver.net
e email.europe.secureserver.net

AP Region

CNAME (Alias/Host) Points to
mobilemail mobilemail.asia.secureserver.net
pda mobilemail.asia.secureserver.net
mail pop.asia.secureserver.net
pop pop.asia.secureserver.net
imap imap.asia.secureserver.net
smtp smtpout.asia.secureserver.net
webmail webmail.asia.secureserver.net
e email.asia.secureserver.net

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